Introducing the Volunteer steering committee


We are pleased to announce the creation of the Volunteer Steering Committee (VSC), established as a direct result of feedback from you, our members, about how you view the volunteering experience. The committee is made up of some of CFA UK's longest serving volunteers alongside new members volunteering for the first time – and together they hope to see:

A CFA UK in which everyone wants, and is able, to contribute to the betterment of their profession, as described in the society’s vision and objectives

What difference will they make?

The committee will enable volunteering in a way that effectively serves the needs of both individual members and the society as a whole.

Key components of the mission are to:

  • Maintain clear understanding of the motivation of volunteers and the needs of the society.
  • Design and govern volunteering such that:
    • Volunteers enjoy and feel rewarded for their effort and want to continue.
    • Volunteers’ efforts are effectively and efficiently used in meeting the aims of the society.

How will the changes happen?

Over the coming months, the team will be engaging with the membership to understand the current state of play regarding volunteering and devise a plan and roadmap to help achieve its mission. High on the agenda are:

  1. A review of the structure of governance of volunteering within the society, including the governance of volunteering and propose any desirable changes to the CFA UK Board.
  2. A review of the needs and motivation of volunteers and design a volunteering experience that is productive and efficient, and feels enjoyable and rewarding.
  3. Develop a marketing and communication plan for volunteering, encompassing branding and social media to help foster awareness, growth and transparency.

Do you want your experience to count?

The VSC is establishing a number of working groups to make their vision a reality.  If you want to help shape what volunteering looks and feels like at CFA UK, then get involved by being part of one of our working groups:

Volunteer Programme Process – looking at and developing process for the volunteer journey from enquiry to exit

Volunteer Communications & Recognition – shaping how we communicate and recognise members who contribute to CFA UK through volunteering




If you have any questions or feedback you wish to pass to the VSC, please do so by emailing