Introducing the Professionalism Steering Committee

Though few members work directly in the fields of policy and regulation, all of us are affected by the decisions that are made and the profession’s ability to serve its clients is defined by both. That’s why CFA UK spends time and effort – with the significant support of volunteers – on advocacy work we respond to consultations. We draft papers that we hope will steer debates in one direction or another and we bring groups of members together to come up with ideas for enhancing the value that the profession delivers.

2018 is proving a busy year. We’ve developed recommendations for improving the profession’s standing, have done work around the asset management market study and have provided feedback on the review of the corporate governance code and on the FRC itself. And there’s a good deal more in the works.

We currently have a working group preparing a responses on the FCA study on Investment Platforms and will soon set one up to look at the extension of the SMCR and the development of a new register for the sector. Alongside, we are also close to publication of a number of short reports that summarise our views on competition in the investment sector (particularly at the grass roots level), value for money (how should that value be assessed?) and the respective roles of codes, standards and regulations in conduct management. We’re also helping out CFA Switzerland with a project that it is running to look at the cost of launching UCITS funds in different European regimes.

Though we benefit from the great work that our new adviser is doing to support and organise our efforts – thank you and welcome Andy – all of this work depends on volunteers. Volunteers help us to develop our views (making sure that we hear from a variety of perspectives), to express those views and to present them – back to members and to regulators.

As chair of the Professionalism Steering Committee – the group that coordinates and oversees all of the working groups – I’m privileged to get a view across everything that we are working on. It’s impressive to see the dedication that members bring to their tasks and I’m pleased that they always seem to enjoy working together, digging deeply into a topic, making new contacts and giving something back.

Our committee (and the society’s Board on which I serve) really appreciates each volunteer’s participation. On their behalf, I thank everyone who has contributed by serving on a working group, taking up the pen on a response, participating in a survey, or actively participating in an event.  And I’m once again looking forward to our volunteer recognition event (at the Cafe de Paris on 16th October) at which we will celebrate the achievements of those key volunteers who have contributed greatly to the society’s professionalism agenda over the last 12 months.

I’d be delighted to tell you more about our work and hope to see you at the event this year or next.


Anne Marden, CFA
Professionalism steering committee chair