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Working Groups

Working groups create action and deliver

What is a working group?

Working groups are action-orientated units tasked with delivering a portfolio of engaging and educational content for the Society. They are made up of small groups of volunteers (approx. 6) with an appointed volunteer lead. 

Working Groups are identified and recruited for as part of the planning process of CFA UK’s four main Steering Committees:

  • Education

  • Professionalism

  • Content

  • Networks

Steering Committees determine which working groups should form and each working group's key objectives, to ensure their outputs meet the strategic needs of CFA UK and the wider membership. 

Broadly speaking, CFA UK working groups take 2 forms:

  1. Short-term with one key deliverable and associated content.

  2. Annual with a portfolio of deliverables.

What do working groups do?


The responsibilities of a short-term working group are entirely dependent on what the group has been formed to achieve. Generally, they will focus on producing one key deliverable, the nature of which can vary dramatically to include:

  • Position papers

  • Whitepapers

  • Conferences

  • High-profile annual events such as University Research Challenge

The groups are also tasked with producing an array of associated content for the CFA UK membership, including events, webinars, stories, and editorial content.


Annual working groups run for the whole membership year (July-Jun) and are tasked with delivering a range of content across this period. A common example of deliverables could include:

  • 3-4 engaging live events.

  • 2-4 webinars with interesting speakers.

  • At least one piece of additional content per quarter, which may include speaker interviews, podcast episodes, editorial content, or impact stories. 

The CFA UK staffed office are always on hand to support working group members to succeed in their role. However, the working group format has been introduced as an innovative method of enabling volunteers to deliver their portfolio of content independently of the staffed office. Consequently, working groups are themselves responsible for meeting their objectives and reporting their progress to the relevant steering committee.

What are CFA UK's working groups currently doing?

CFA UK currently has a variety of working groups producing a diverse array of content for the Society. From organising conferences, educational events and high profile competitions, to producing whitepapers, editorial content, and responses to regulatory consultation, the outputs of working groups feed into all areas of CFA UK and contribute massively to the Society’s successes.

See a full list of our active working qroups and what they are focused on.

Don’t forget you can register your interest to volunteer on any of the existing working groups.