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Exclusive volunteer training

Personal development training for volunteers

As a CFA UK volunteer you give up your time and expertise and it’s important that you get something back.

Feedback shows that you value personal development opportunities, so we worked with a top training provider to tailor something special for our volunteers. Over the course of the year we will deliver training on facilitation, networking and influencing. 

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Tools for facilitation - online

Facilitation is a key part of our lives, at work, at home and with friends and family. In the current pandemic, facilitating in a virtual setting can make managing meetings and discussions much harder.

If you want to be effective at chairing meetings, managing project stakeholders or delegating tasks then this is for you. An essential skill in any job, it will also help you get the most out of volunteering.

Learn how to:
  • What facilitation is and the role of a facilitator
  • The skills and language of a good facilitator and practice them
  • The Stages of Facilitation and how you can apply them in a virtual world


  • 25 March 2021

Location: Online event

 Timings: 16:00 - 18:00

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Networking with purpose and impact - online

Effective networking can give you the power to build your connections not only as a volunteer but also as a boost to your career journey.

The training is designed to help you feel more at ease and assured with building a professional reputation and developing connections.

Learn how to:
  • Gain insight into networking and its use
  • Be committed to more effective networking
  • Understand what 'visibility' is and how you can improve yours
  • Make a positive impression and enhance your credibility


  • 20 May 2021

Location: Online event

Timings:16:00 - 18:00

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Influencing up - online

Managing people and business relationships is important, but it isn’t always about managing those less senior; sometimes you need to have an impact on your more senior stakeholders. This course will show you how.

Learn how to:
  • Look at the world from other people’s perspectives
  • Understand when to use “Push” and “Pull” behaviours
  • Increase confidence and demonstrate enhanced credibility
  • Build effective rapport with people you want to influence
  • Use approaches that get decisions made and gain commitments to actions


  • 15 April 2021

Location: Online event

0Timings: 09:00 - 11:30

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Spaces are limited, book now to confirm your place.