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Edition 2 learning materials is for all exams from 1st April 2023 until 30th June 2024.


Level 4 Certificate in Climate and Investing Exam fees

Climate and Investing - Exam registration and online learning materials*


Climate and Investing - Exam registration resit fee*** £355.00
Climate and Investing - Hard copy of the learning materials Edition 2: £95 + p&p**

*Climate and Investing syllabus versions.

View the Certificate in Climate and Investing version 2 syllabus

**CFA UK wishes to act sustainably across its core activities and to encourage candidates to study via the materials provided on its learning materials platform.  The platform has now been successfully running for over two years with functionality to work both online and offline (downloading materials to pdf and print). The price point for hard copy learning materials is intended to encourage candidates to consider carefully whether or not they need to purchase a hard copy of the materials.

*** Including continued access to online learning material

Important Information 

  • It is recommended that candidates start studying first and then schedule their exam 1 month before wishing to sit the exam.
  • Exams take place daily and availability can change on an hourly basis.
  • Candidates can only view exam availability after registering for the exam.
  • Search for your nearest test centre.
  • The Certificate in Climate and Investing is currently available in test centres in the UK and via OnVUE remote proctoring for both UK and international candidates. For more information on OnVUE remote proctored examinations, please visit our remote examinations  page.
  • The Certificate in Climate and Investing is currently not available in mainland China. Registration is restricted due to a lack of remote proctoring in mainland China. However remote proctored exams are available in Hong Kong.
  • Once candidates register and pay for the exam, they are required to wait 2 working days before they are permitted to schedule the exam.
  • From the date candidates pay for an exam registration, the registration is valid for 12 months. If you do not take the exam within this period your registration fee will be forfeited.
  • You will need to present ID on the day of the exam. Please refer to the Taking the Certificate in Climate and Investing section of our FAQs for further information on ID requirements.
  • Candidates wishing to reschedule or cancel an arranged exam appointment are required to provide more than 72 hours prior notice to reschedule an examination, prior to the appointment time.
  • If candidates fail the exam or are absent from an arranged exam appointment they are required to re-register and pay the full exam fee again before they are permitted to schedule another exam sitting.


What happens on the day?

1.Test Centre 


It is important to arrive at your test centre at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start of your test. If you arrive after this time, you will not be admitted and you will have to re-register and pay the full exam fee again before they are permitted to schedule another exam sitting.


Test centre reception

When you enter the test centre you must proceed to the reception desk, where you will be asked to present your ID. 

The test centre staff will give you further instructions: whether to wait in the seating area or head straight to one of the numbered computer terminals in the testing room.


Test centre locker

You will be asked to leave any personal items in the lockers beside the seating area.

You are not permitted to take anything into the testing room. This means no watches, wallets, bags, pens, papers, books, stationery, food, water, mobile phones and other electrical devices such as tablets and calculators.


Testing room

At your appointment time you will be asked to enter the testing room, where you will have a numbered desk with a computer terminal.

Pearson VUE provide examinations for many awarding bodies so it is likely that candidates sitting alternative exams will be in the testing room with you.

Invigilation desk


There is an invigilation desk in the testing room, from which the invigilator has a clear line of sight to every desk and computer. Your computer will only display the exam for which you are registered.



Test centre reception

Once you have completed your examination, follow the instructions on screen and leave the testing room.

Proceed to the reception desk where the Test Centre Administrator will hand you a print out of your provisional examination results.




2.OnVue Online Proctoring

Visit our dedicated remote examinations page for further information. 

Reasonable Adjustments

Candidates with either:

  • physical disability, permanent/temporary, (e.g. visual or hearing impairment) or
  • long standing learning difficulties (e.g. dyslexia) can apply for a reasonable adjustment for the exam. Please review our policy for full details.

Candidates should first register and pay for the exam online.

Candidates must email examsupport@cfauk.org the completed Reasonable Adjustments form with supporting documentation prior to scheduling the exam.