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Join CFA UK as a candidate member and take advantage of our comprehensive study support including study strategy events, study groups, CFA mentors, CFA Program revision surgeries, mock exams and more. 


Study events

Research-based guidance about the most effective CFA exam study techniques. Plus, successful CFA charterholders are also on-hand to discuss their approaches to study and answer your questions.


Study groups

Study groups are one of the most popular and well-established preparation techniques you can use for your CFA exam. Attend one of our study groups and networking events to learn how they can work for you, meet other candidates and form a group.


  • Form a group with candidates from various disciplines
  • Share notes, ideas and insights
  • Discuss concepts to clarify your thinking
  • Schedule regular meetings to stay on-track
  • Support and motivate each other through challenges

How to join a study group

Simply email us with your name, membership number, study level, exam date, preferred study location for group meetings and preferred frequency of study group meetings.


Revision surgeries

Led by expert trainers, our free revision surgeries break down complex topics covered in the CFA Program, analyse sample exam questions and help tackle any problem areas. Each surgery focuses on a particular topic and provides you with tips and techniques for the exam, leaving you feeling more prepared and confident.


  • Analyse sample exam questions
  • Break down difficult topics and tackle your problem areas
  • Go through common mistakes made by past candidates
  • Meet other candidate members, share knowledge, compare notes, brainstorm problems and motivate each other

Mock exams

Our live mock exam gives you the opportunity to practice under actual exam conditions – so you know what to expect and feel more comfortable on exam day. Online and paper based mocks are also available.


Online support

Access a range of level I, II and III revision surgery webcasts through the CFA UK Knowledge Centre.