Digital badging

CFA UK Digital Badges

Realise the potential of your CFA UK qualifications by claiming your digital badge

At CFA UK we want to recognise and celebrate your learning achievements. That’s why we have partnered with Credly to offer you digital badges.

What are digital badges?

Digital badges go beyond paper certificates. They are portable, verifiable, and uniquely linked to you. They also ensure that your hard-earned achievements are owned by you and makes them more visible to employers and your professional network.

CFA UK digital badges

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You can claim your digital badge on successfully completion of the Certificate in Climate and Investing or Investment Management Certificate.

How to reference your achievement

Certificate in Climate and Investing - Successful candidates should state clearly that they have achieved the CFA UK Level 4 Certificate in Climate and Investing. Achievement of the qualification does not confer any designatory letters and, therefore, CCI as a designation should not appear after your name. 

Investment Management Certificate (IMC) – Successful candidates should state clearly that they have achieved the CFA UK Level 4 Investment Management Certificate (or CFA UK Investment Management Certificate). Achievement of the Certificate in Investment Management does not, in itself,  confer any designatory letters. However, successful candidates may choose to apply for CFA UK membership which may confer IMC designatory letters. The IMC designation can only be used by IMC members. Please see here for further information.

IMC regulated title is: CFA UK Level 4 Certificate in Investment Management or CFA UK Certificate in Investment Management.

It is also important to note that CFA UK is the awarding organisation for the Certificate in Investment Management and the Certificate in Climate and Investing, and not CFA Institute.

To avoid confusion candidates should not refer to a CFA UK qualification as ‘CFA Level 4’.

Where CFA UK becomes aware that a digital badge is being used or referenced incorrectly, the owner of the badge will be notified and advised of the correct usage/referencing. Following this, CFA UK reserves the right to withdraw an individual’s digital badge where it continues to be used or referenced incorrectly.

Share your achievements with your network

Let others in your network know about your skills and expertise. You can share your achievements with peers and employers in one click from Credly. Research shows that professionals who share their digital credentials to professional networking sites are discovered by employers, on average, six times more often than those who do not. 

What does it take to earn a badge?

When you pass a CFA UK qualification you will qualify for the digital badge! You will then receive an email from Credly, which includes instructions on how you can redeem your badge. You can share your badge via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, or embedded in your email signature or digital CV.

  • You pass a CFA UK qualification.
  • Within one month of passing you will receive an email from Credly inviting you to claim your badge by creating an account.
  • Accept your badge.
  • Start sharing your badge.

Drive your career forward

Showcasing your free digital badges can help unlock career opportunities for you. 

Your badge:

  • Sets out the knowledge and skills you have demonstrated in passing the qualification.

  • Is an efficient way of posting to your social media platforms - such as LinkedIn - for wider recognition.

  • Is available to download to use on your email signature or electronic versions of your CV.

  • Allows you to discover job market insights that relate to your skills and opportunities.