IMC Policies2

Exam Policies

CFA UK works closely with employers, industry specialists and other stakeholders in the development and ongoing review of the CFA UK qualifications. This ensures the validity of all syllabus content and assessment material.

Assessments are created and reviewed via an ongoing process of psychometric analysis. Assessments are constructed using questions that meet both test specification and reliability standards. Psychometric analysis (statistical analysis of exam performance) ensure that all examinations are of a comparable level of difficulty.

CFA UK is committed to minimising the occurrence of bias in our assessments. Published policies, such as Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations, explain how CFA UK will deal with such applications.

Feedback from candidates and training providers is regularly reviewed to ensure the manageability of our assessments and to ensure that they remain fit for purpose.


Alternative ID Policy

This policy describes the arrangements made for candidates who are unable to provide the correct forms of ID.


Assessment Queries and Appeals Policy 

This policy relates to feedback or queries about the validity of individual questions in a test or the grade awarded, and the process for appealing.

Assessment query form


Customer service statement

This policy details CFA UK's commitment to all candidates.


Candidates Complaints Policy

This policy describes how to make a complaint if you are unhappy with the service received from CFA UK.


Calculator Policy

This policy relates to the onscreen calculator, which is provided in CFA UK exams where calculations are assessed.


Equality Policy

This policy details the society’s commitment to ensuring that all candidates receive equality of opportunity and appropriate access to qualifications and assessments


Inappropriate Candidate Behaviour Policy (malpractice)

This policy relates to inappropriate candidate behaviour before, during and after an exam.

Invoicing Policy

This policy provides information about CFA UK invoices for qualifications.


Reasonable Adjustments Policy

This policy relates to the society's commitment to ensuring that there are no unnecessary barriers to assessment which prevent candidates from effectively demonstrating their competence.

Reasonable adjustment application form 


Special Considerations Policy

This policy relates to candidates requesting special consideration due to adverse circumstances beyond their control on the day of the test.

Special consideration application form 


Technical Issues Considerations Policy 

This policy relates to candidates who experience technical issues during their examination which are beyond their control. The policy includes examinations taken in a Pearson VUE test centre or via the OnVUE remote examination platform.
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Use of English Language in CFA UK Assessments Policy 

This policy details English language requirements for CFA UK examinations.


Whistleblower Policy

This policy is aimed at any individual involved in the development, delivery and award of CFA UK qualifications (eg candidates, training providers, test centre staff, CFA UK staff and volunteers involved in qualifications). 

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