Getting your results

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Your results explained

Your provisional and official examination results will be provided as follows:

  • A print out of your provisional results will be provided at the end of your examination at the test centre.
  • Provisional results will be available online three working days after your examination date. Until this time the provisional results field will remain blank.
  • Your official results will be confirmed in writing and will be posted to your primary postal address within 21 working days from your examination date.

Other useful information:

CFA UK does not release your exact score or provide details of which questions you answered correctly or incorrectly.

Results (provisional or official) will not be given over the telephone.

Please ensure your contact details are current and correct, CFA UK will not be held responsible should you not receive your official confirmation letter or certificate. All requests for a change of address must be made in writing to

Please contact if you have any queries.

The pass mark

There are only two possible results for IMC examinations: Pass or Fail. All IMC questions are trialled and carefully calibrated before they are used and scored in a live examination. This is done to confirm their reliability and to establish the difficulty of each individual question.

When examinations are constructed, an average difficulty for the whole examination is established and this determines the correct pass mark. The average difficulty may vary slightly from one examination to the next, but this is carefully balanced by slight variations in the pass mark using psychometric analysis. In this way we are able to keep the pass challenge strictly consistent between examinations and over time.

Although we do not rigidly fix the pass mark (for the psychometric reasons stated) the pass mark seldom varies from between 65% and 75% of all scored questions. (Trial questions are not scored). There are no test ‘hurdles’ in the IMC. To pass the examination, candidates need to achieve an overall pass score regardless of where the marks were distributed throughout the examination. It is not necessary to pass each topic area to pass overall.

Pass rates

The pass rates (percentage of candidates who pass) for the IMC varies according to the calibre of the candidates taking the exam in a particular period. There are no fixed quotas: the better the candidates are in a given period, the more who will pass. However we can confirm that the majority of candidates do pass first time. 

The pass rates for the Unit 1 and Unit 2 are generally between 65% and 80% in a particular year. 

Areas of weakness

When candidates’ overall mark falls short of the required pass mark they will receive an ‘Overall Weakness’ level which is categorised further to provide a rough indication of where the candidate lost marks.The Areas of Weakness are not part of the scoring process and do not form part of the examination result.

Key for Areas of Weakness:

1 - 5%
6 - 15%
More than 15%

Please see our policy on assessment queries and appeals policy if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your test. 

If you are absent from your examination

If you are absent from your examination you will be posted official confirmation of your absence. Candidates who are absent from their scheduled examination are required to re-register and pay the full examination fee and follow the usual registration process.Candidates who have missed their examination due to adverse circumstances beyond their control on the day of the examination can apply for Special Considerations. Special Considerations applications must be submitted to CFA UK no later than 25 days after the schedule exam sitting. Applications made without supporting documentation will not be considered.

Results notification timetable

The IMC is an Ofqual accredited qualification. Candidates complete the qualification by passing Unit 1: Investment Environment and Unit 2: Investment Practice as two separate exams.

CFA UK's results and certification timetable is as follows:

 Provisional Results notification (via Pearson)  On the day of the exam at the test centre 
 Provisional Results & Areas of Weakness notification (Online)  3 working days after the examination
 Official Results Confirmation and/or Certificate (Post)  Within 21 days after the examination