1.  Reasonable Adjustments Policy 

This policy relates to the society's commitment to ensuring that there are no unnecessary barriers to assessment which prevent candidates from effectively demonstrating their competence.

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2. Special Considerations Policy

This policy relates to candidates requesting special consideration due to adverse circumstances beyond their control on the day of the test.

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3. Alternative ID Policy  

This policy describes the arrangements made for candidates who are unable to provide the correct forms of ID.


4. Assessment Queries And Appeals Policy

This policy relates to feedback or queries about the validity of individual questions in a test or the grade awarded, and the process for appealing.
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5. Inappropriate candidate behaviour Policy

This policy relates to inappropriate candidate behaviour before, during and after an exam.


6. Complaints Policy 


7. Equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion policy


8. Customer service statement

This policy details CFA UK's commitment to all IMC candidates.