Pre-employment verification

The CFA Society of the UK (CFA UK) offers pre-employment screening services to employment screening companies, direct employers and individuals registered with the Society. CFA UK is able to confirm membership, issuance of the Statement of Professional Standing (SPS), as well as the Investment Management Certificate (IMC), CFA Program and the Associate (ASIP) qualifications. Details of the verification process can be found below.


To request a verification please email verifications@cfauk.org or send a fax to 020 7648 6200


In order to process the verification we require the following details:

  • Full name of the candidate being verified;
  • Date of birth of the candidate being verified;
  • Signed consent from the candidate being verified (sent as an email attachment in PDF or other formats) and
  • Completed payment form


The verification fee is £110 incl. VAT.

Cards Accepted: Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, Maestro, Switch

Qualifications Verified

Investment Management Certificate (IMC):

The IMC is a qualification administered by CFA UK. Only CFA UK is eligible to verify this qualification.

CFA Program:

CFA UK can verify candidates who have completed any of the three levels of the CFA Program and/ or have been awarded the CFA Charter in the United Kingdom. For candidates who have completed or registered their CFA Program exams abroad please contact CFA Institute directly at: cmservices@cfainstitue.org

Associate Examination:

The ASIP was a qualification issued by IIMR (Institute of Investment Management and Research - now CFA UK) from 1979 to 2002. It is held to be broadly equivalent to the current CFA Program. Only CFA UK is eligible to verify this qualification.


CFA UK is eligible to verify the following memberships (past and present):

  • IMC
  • CFA UK
  • CFA Institute (based in the UK)
CFA UK is also able to confirm the issuance of the Statement of Professional Standing (SPS).

Members of other CFA regional societies and of CFA Institute can be verified by contacting CFA Institute cmservices@cfainstitute.org or the appropriate regional society. 

Details of all other CFA societies can be found here.


We aim to complete verifications within 5 working days of receipt (if all required information is provided). Please note that during busy periods this process can take up to five working days. 


All verification responses are sent electronically.