Board and Committees

We have a Board of 14 Regular members who are elected onto the Board by CFA UK members.

The Board is supported by 14 committees and all members are welcome to get involved. Several Board and committee members also serve on CFA Institute committees.

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Terms of reference

The Board manages the business of CFA UK to ensure that its objects, as defined in the Memorandum of Association and summarised below, are achieved. 50% of the Board must be CFA charterholders.

The primary responsibilities of the Board include the following:

  • To provide assistance and direction to the Chair regarding the general supervision and control of the affairs of the society
  • To ensure that the society meets all its legal, financial and other statutory requirements
  • To monitor operations, including the setting of membership fees, the approval of budgets and the maintenance of reserves
  • To appoint an executive committee to meet monthly to be responsible for the day-to-day management of the society
  • To approve policies in areas related to the achievement of the society's objects
  • To establish committees and panels to oversee the society‚Äôs activities and implementation of policy in relevant areas and to advise the Board on issues in those areas
  • The Board shall meet as required. 50% of the directors need to be present at a meeting to form a quorum. A resolution can be passed by a majority of directors present
  • The term of the Chair and Vice Chair shall be no more than two years, and will not be subject to reaffirmation after one year.