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Two vacancies on the Board of CFA UK are expected to arise as a result of directors stepping down at this year’s AGM and consequently the Nominating Committee wishes to receive recommendations for regular members of the society that might serve on the Board.

In considering nominations, members should give thought to criteria such as:

  • Experience
  • Vision
  • Commitment
  • Ability to represent the society.

The role and time commitment

CFA UK’s Board sets the society’s strategic direction and oversees our activities to ensure that the society furthers the interests of the investment profession. Board members are elected for two-year terms and can ordinarily serve a maximum of six consecutive years in total. 

The full Board typically meets in the evening in London six times per year with an additional longer strategy meeting held annually. Those board members who are appointed to the Management Committee attend an extra four meetings per year. Nominees should be able to commit sufficient time to prepare for and attend these meetings as well as the annual general meeting and to engage with the society, its members and committees in other ways, for example by attending events.  On average, all board members should expect to attend at least one meeting or other event each month.

How to nominate

To recommend a member to the Nominating Committee, please complete and return the form by email by Friday 26th May 2017.
If you have previously recommended a member, who was unsuccessful, please consider resubmitting your nomination for them.

Download nomination form

The selection process

All nominations received will be considered by the Nominating Committee. The committee’s role is to propose potential directors of the society who are considered most likely to represent and serve the society well, who will provide the society with a Board that reflects the society's diverse membership to a reasonable extent and who will help the society to achieve its objectives and desired structure as reported on by the Board.

Following a shortlisting and selection process, the Nominating Committee makes a written recommendation to the Board in sufficient time to allow the Board to recommend selected candidates to the annual general meeting of the society. This year, the committee will make its recommendation at the Board’s meeting in September.

The Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is appointed by the Board and, as required by the society’s articles of association, comprises five individual as follows:
  • The predecessor to the society’s current chairman;
  • Three Board members who are not eligible for re-election that year and who do not hold executive office on the Board (preference is given to Board members who chair a committee of the society and to those who have not previously served on the Nominating Committee); and
  • One person who is either a senior member of the society or other distinguished investment professional and who the Nominating Committee believes is unlikely to stand to become a member of the Board at any time in the future.


This year the Nominating Committee is chaired by Natalie WinterFrost, FIA, CFA, with the three other members drawn from the Board being Stuart Fiertz, CFA, Anne Marden, CFA and Daniel Murray, CFA.  Alan Higgins, CFA, ASIP is the independent member of the committee.

Bernadette Barber, FCIS, is secretary to the Nominating Committee please contact her with any queries about the nominations process via email.