Caroline Connell, CFA

Careers committee


This has been a busy period for the Careers Committee, since we have been working hard to deliver both an updated Careers Guide and Jobs Board for our members. We need to ensure that the new content that we deliver is relevant and we will look to our members to see if we can enhance the offering in any way. Aside from digital improvements we also want to bring more in person events where members can develop their personal skills and build their ongoing network.

Jane Coffey, ASIP
Careers committee chair
Executive coach

Caroline Connell, CFA

Main responsibilities

  • To assist the staffed office in providing career support to members. This involves helping staff produce the annual Careers Guide; publishing online information relating to careers on a regular basis; organising an annual careers seminar; and scheduling regular careers discussion events and social events
  • To help the staffed office create materials for employers promoting the value of society membership and the CFA, ASIP and IMC designations
  • To ensure the inclusion of questions relating to the provision of career support in the annual membership satisfaction survey and to run additional surveys, where necessary, to identify areas of value for the society’s membership in relation to career support
  • To monitor the performance of the eFinancialCareers job site and to identify additional ways to generate revenues to support careers activity. 

Areas of focus for 2016/17

  • This year we intend to launch the long awaited new Jobs Board. We hope that this will be a great improvement to the legacy Jobs Board and it starts off the digital overhaul that CFA UK is wanting to deliver. The Jobs Board will not just be a key resource for people looking for new jobs, but it will also have key updates on areas in focus and further tips on how to help progress your career
  • Publish the 2016 Careers Guide that we believe delivers a very useful and relevant resource for our membership
  • We hope to deliver a full schedule of Working in Events starting from Q4 2016 and continue to deliver soft skills events for personal development
  • Form new sub committees within the Careers Committee so that we can help deliver better output for our members. This will involve recruiting more committed volunteers to the committee. We also want to engage more with members to better support what they would find helpful
  • Start to think about new initiatives that we could focus on for career development, for example a form of mentoring.