Graham Cook

Examinations and Education committee

Foundational investment learning has been core to the CFA Institute and its members since its inception. It is apparent, however, that professionalism requires investors to go beyond foundational learning and to maintain and extend their competencies through a process of career long learning.

In the coming year, CFA UK will be collaborating with other local societies and the CFA Institute to sound out our members and other stakeholders on the role we might play for our members in career long learning.

Graham Cook, CFA
Examinations and Education committee chair
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Graham Cook

Main responsibilities

The Exams and Education Committee ensures that the Society’s exams remain relevant and up to date, and oversees the development and administration of any new exams. It also reviews all policy issues relating to exams and education, and proposes any necessary changes to the board

  • Ensure the society’s exams remain relevant and up-to-date, and it oversees the development and administration of new exams;
  • Reviews regulatory and policy issues relating to exams and education and proposes any necessary changes to the Board.

Areas of focus for 2017/18

Ensuring regulatory compliance of all exams remains a core responsibility for the committee
In addition, Lifelong Learning will be an area with increased focus to support CFA UK’s mission to enhance professionalism in the investment industry.
Key initiatives here include:

  • Completing roll out of the Competency Frameworks for Investment Professionals, to assist members with identifying areas for development.
  • Comprehensive review of the IMC programme including both syllabus and content delivery.
  • Identifying ways in which CFA UK can assist members and firms demonstrate competency in light of the changes brought about by the senior manager regime (SMR) and MIFID II (bringing “Information Providers” in scope)

2017-8 is shaping up to be an important year for Education, with major projects underway to comprehensively review the IMC programme and to support an output based CPD programme that will allow members to take control of their continuing professional development.
The E&E Committee will play a full role in these important developments, overseeing and providing constructive input to the process, whilst also ensuring that CFA UK meets its regulatory responsibilities in relation to exams.