Hilary Eastman, CFA

Finance committee

The finance committee's main purpose is to help ensure the long-term financial stability of the Society by overseeing the management of the Society’s finances, including the Investment Reserves and Operating Reserves. The committee has oversight of the management accounts, financial statements, financial forecasts and the systems and controls of the Society

Hilary Eastman, CFA
Head of Global Investor Engagement at PwC, Finance Committee Chair

Hilary Eastman, CFA

Main responsibilities

  • Reviews the financial reports and forecasts prepared by the staffed office
  • Assists in the development of suitable financial controls and in setting an appropriate risk framework for the Society
  • Reviews the financial implications of new projects, or capital spend and provides an independent view of them to the Board
  • Provide oversight of the Society’s Operating Reserves, used in day‐to‐day operations as outlined in the Operating Reserves Policy
  • Provide oversight of the Society's Investment Reserves as outlined in the Investment Reserves Policy Statement