Steven Major, CFA

Investment Management Certificate panel (IMC)

The Investment Management Certificate (IMC) panel is responsible for all aspects of the provision of the IMC examination, the IMC syllabus and the Official Training Manual (OTM).

Tim Scholefield, ASIP 
Investment Management Certificate (IMC) panel chair
Non Executive Director

Steven Major, CFA

Main responsibilities

  • To review and ratify proposed changes to the IMC syllabus to ensure that it reflects changes to relevant regulations and practices
  • To review and ratify new questions for inclusion in the IMC question bank
  • To ensure that the questions used in each examination are valid and correct
  • To review suspect and commented questions from each sitting and, where necessary, agree amendments
  • To ratify the results of each sitting of the IMC
  • To agree appropriate action in respect to reports of candidate concerns and results appeals
  • To review and ratify proposed changes to the IMC OTM
  • To review all policy issues relating to the IMC and propose any necessary changes to the society’s examinations and education committee. 

Areas of focus for 2017/18

  • We will continue to update the IMC syllabus to reflect current trends within the investment management industry
  • We will develop the briefing material available to new panel members.
  • We will look for further opportunities to engage with investment specialists on potential syllabus developments

Ensuring that the IMC syllabus reflects the continually changing investment landscape is an important goal for the coming year. 

Areas of focus for 2016/17

  • Review opportunities to provide an eBook for the IMC Official Training Manual (OTM)
  • Setting up processes to obtain further candidate/practitioner feedback on the developing skills and competencies required of investment professionals
  • Exploring ways to increase conversion of IMC holders to CFA UK members
  • Remaining alert to consultations and changes in the regulatory environment and how this will impact on FCA examination standards
  • Ongoing review of syllabus coverage to ensure continuing relevance of the qualification.

To volunteer your services for this committee, email a covering letter and your CV to the society's chief executive.