Daniel Murray, CFA

Structured Learning committee

This year’s Annual Survey highlighted how important ongoing learning is to our members. It is the Committee’s role to support this learning ambition by providing regularly updated resources across a variety of subjects, delivered in a choice of accessible formats. We strive to continue to improve what is available and to assist members with their professional learning aspirations.

Alan Livsey, CFA
Structured Learning committee chair
Financial Times

Daniel Murray, CFA

Main responsibilities

  • Identify topic areas where structured learning is required and oversee its delivery
  • Consider the appropriate mechanisms for the delivery of structured learning (such as live courses, recorded tuition or reading materials)
  • Structure and review learning material prior to marketing it to members
  • Oversee CFA UK's applications for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours for structured learning material
  • Review partnership proposals with third party CPD providers
  • Write learning Outcomes Statements for all learning activities in the Knowledge centre
  • Review and implement member feedback to improve all online learning available through CFA UK
  • Review and improve the usage statistics of all online learning available through CFA UK
  • Oversee marketing initiatives to engage members in all online learning available through CFA UK

Accomplishments for 2016/17

  • Addition of 40+ hours of structured learning to the Knowledge Centre for users affected by the Retail Distribution Review (RDR)
  • Review of all webcasts available in the Knowledge Centre to refine the content and offer the most engaging content only
  • Generation of marketing ideas to better engage members with the learning available
  • Development of Professional Edge content packages to be launched in 2017/18