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The CFA UK Inclusion and Diversity Network is building a better investment profession by finding tangible, practical ways to progress inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

The CFA UK Inclusion and Diversity Network is a forum designed to help improve the investment profession by promoting inclusion and diversity.

We support members and firms with practical steps to improve inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Our focus is on the asset management industry. We also benefit from being part of CFA UK, an organisation with the highest ethical standards and recognition in asset management globally.

The Inclusion and Diversity Network’s mission is to help build a more inclusive and diverse investment profession and support sustainable performance for firms and individuals.

We believe that in order for investment firms to effectively implement and leverage the benefits of inclusion and diversity, they must apply well-designed strategies implemented both from the top down (senior leadership) and the bottom up (managers and employees). From the top down, the case for inclusion and diversity rests on evidence of better performance and closer alignment between firms and their clients. It is also a close reflection of global demographic and economic trends. From a bottom up perspective, pipeline issues can be partly addressed by greater knowledge and better connections.

CFA UK’s history of championing professionalism, excellence and ethics allows us to provide a thoughtful, pragmatic and effective network that assists members at all levels of seniority to develop their careers, and also aids firms in managing talent and resolving pipeline issues.


Events and learning

Members have access to events featuring industry leaders focusing on inclusion and diversity in investment, career advancement, leadership, coaching skills and what it takes to be successful in the profession.


Networking and leadership

You can leverage the CFA UK network of members and supporting firms with opportunities available for sponsors, speakers and venue hosts. Demonstrate your leadership skills and raise your profile by becoming a committee member or a CFA UK Ambassador within your firm.

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We invite all investment management professionals to join the CFA UK Inclusion & Diversity Network to help us promote inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

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