CFA UK launches Energy Finance Special Interest Group

A new CFA UK special interest group has been formed which will seek to develop members’ knowledge, expertise and engagement with other finance professionals in the industry. The aim of the group is to:

- Build a network people interested and informed in energy finance

- Exchange knowledge formally and informally, becoming a sector discussion forum

- Aid understanding of the rapidly evolving energy finance environment

- Attend events with leading speakers from the industry

Energy is a major part of the global economy and currently faces a period of unprecedented change. This new group will focus on the current issues in the sector including the energy transition, the oil supply crunch and the impact of evolving government policy. Financing will obviously take a prominent role with sector specific developments including green bonds, yieldcos, and investors’ growing use of environmental metrics up for discussion.

Join the conversation on the Energy Finance SIG LinkedIn page.

A group of industry professionals with a wide range of experience in the energy finance field has been formed to steer the group.

Ed Phillips, Baringa

Ed started his energy finance career investing in renewables at private equity firm Oxara Energy Group, before moving into an advisory role at management consultancy Baringa's specialist energy markets practice.  Ed advises particularly on the implications of the energy transition on business models and investment strategies.

“I hope that the SIG will provide a friendly community for professionals to share perspectives and experience on topical issues across energy and interrelated sectors.”

Adam Forsyth, ASIP, Cantor Fitzgerald

Adam is a sell-side equity analyst covering independent power, new energy and clean technology companies in the UK and internationally.

“Energy finance is a wide and fast moving field and the opportunity to bring people together to inform and debate the changes is really exciting.” 

Jialin Shen, CFA, Shell

Jialin has recently moved into power business development after spending first few years in the strategy team in Shell.  In her previous roles she has covered oil, gas and LNG as a credit manager.

“I have always enjoyed the CFA UK community as a warm, friendly group and am excited to see the formation of an energy-focused group.  I hope this is a place where like-minded people can mingle, network and discover the fun of working in the energy world”

Carlotta Giacché, NIBC Bank

Carlotta recently joined NIBC Bank, where she focuses on renewable energy financing in Northern Europe, particularly in Germany and the U.K. Before this, she advised different oil & gas firms from a corporate finance and risk perspective. 

“I’m very excited about the formation of the Energy Finance SIG, as it provides a space for energy finance professionals to get together and debate on forward-looking market opportunities regarding the energy transition.”


If you are interested in joining the group please visit our LinkedIn page  or email more information on this special interest group.