Sophie Huang

Investment Platforms working group - making waves with the FCA

With the publication in July of its Market Study MS17/1.2: Investment Platforms Market Study Interim Report, the FCA reached a further milestone in its plan to determining remedies for the concerns raised in last year’s Asset Management Market Study (“AMMS”).

MS17/1.2 published the findings of its in-depth review of the investment platform sector and sought to canvas views on some further remedies proposed by the FCA specifically in a variety of areas.

In less than a week, 5 enthusiastic CFA UK member volunteers - Suzanne Hsu CFA (Group Lead), John Brosnan CFA, Sophie Huang (pictured), Joanna Nolan IMC and Diana Olteanu CFA-  signed up to help author a response in less than 3 weeks.

Here’s what volunteer, Sophie Huang, feels about her experience:

“When I was initially recruited for this project, I was delighted, but also a little apprehensive about having the most up-to-date knowledge since I have been on a career break for over a year.

Soon after I got involved, however, my fear was dispelled. Our working group of five contributed a lot of great ideas and we were able to put together within a very tight deadline well thought-through responses to a set of questions raised by the FCA on investment platforms. We had a few marathon conference call sessions, made two presentations to the CFA UK Professionalism Steering Committee along the way and we have been invited to return again to discuss our proposals in greater depth.

I have definitely picked up new knowledge from the reading and the contributions everyone made. It feels really good to see our work being put up on the internet and to know that we play a role in shaping the future investment regulatory landscape.”