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Forming a community of exceptional investment professionals, CFA UK Ambassadors share a commitment to building a better investment profession.

CFA UK Ambassadors play a unique and vital role in supporting the society to achieve its strategic objectives and overall mission.

The Ambassador Programme promotes and encourages employee engagement in CFA UK activities within represented firms. Ambassadors themselves work to promote professionalism, education, integrity and high ethical standards within their organisations through the promotion of CFA UK work and activities, and by driving internal employee engagement.

The strategy for the Ambassador Programme, including key objectives for Ambassadors, is set by the Ambassador Council. With the support of CFA UK staff, the Ambassador Council have identified three primary goals for the programme:

  • Develop in-firm networks of CFA UK members which are connected to and supported by the society via a CFA UK Ambassador.
  • Help increase engagement and active participation of existing society members by sharing information on CFA UK events, learning and development opportunities, study resources, and volunteering roles.
  • Support CFA candidates to succeed in their studies. 


  • Maintain an active and relevant communication platform for all CFA UK members within their firm, and utilise this to share information on CFA UK events, study support, networking opportunities, volunteer roles, and professional development content. 
  • Liaise with the Ambassador Council and CFA UK Outreach Team to support key CFA UK initiatives through in-firm communications, research, and formation of strategic partnerships and connections.  
  • Organise in-firm events and produce content to support the professional development of their in-firm networks. 

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