working groups

Working Groups

Working Groups by their nature vary in form, but typically a Working Group will be charged with examining a specific area of the society’s current activity or strategy and producing concrete options and recommendations for future action. 

Working Groups normally have 5 or fewer members and are required to produce a report or recommendation within a pre-determined term of less than a year. Following production of the report, Working Groups may on occasion be reconstituted to further progress a particularly promising idea, or manage a project to completion.

Working Groups may form part of a Committee or may be self-standing.


Working Group members are responsible for organising themselves to work with other members of the Group to provide an agreed report or recommendation in line with the terms of reference set and within the proscribed deadline.

Working Groups will generally work independently of the CFA UK staffed office, although the staffed office may be requested to provide information from within its existing data and /or details and results from work previously commissioned.

Working Group members are likely to need to seek out further sources (including from their own personal networks) to equip them with the necessary information to respond authoritatively to the terms of reference.