working groups

Working Groups

Working groups create action and deliver

Working Groups are identified and recruited for as part of the planning process of the three main Steering Committees at CFA UK:

  • Education
  • Professionalism
  • Content and Networks

Occasionally a working group may be self-standing to serve a particular one off purpose.

Working groups are small groups of volunteers (approx. 6) with an appointed volunteer lead.  They are action orientated and tasked with delivering key content for the Society.



  • Each working group will be given clear plans from their Lead Steering Committee and tasked with delivering a variety of content – from papers and recommendations to conferences and written content.
  • Each working group project manages to delivery.
  • Each working group lead is given training around how to get the best from their volunteer group and plan effectively for success.
  • Each member of a working group should contribute equally
  • Bring together content that really speaks to the interests and needs of the membership then liaises with CFA UK office so staff can assist with operations and coordinate marketing effort.
  • Review success and reports back to steering committee.

What are the Working Groups doing?

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