CFA UK Mentoring 2021

Mentoring Programme

Take your career to the next level with our mentoring scheme

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CFA UK’s Mentoring Programme is a volunteer-led initiative and experience that supports members in developing skills to grow and advance their careers. The programme assigns a suitable investment professional as a mentor to support, challenge, and provide opportunities for mentees to realise their goals and objectives.

The programme is open to all CFA UK members and matched mentoring pairs commit to a period of 6 months to support each other.

Benefits of our mentoring experience

  • Grow your network through different career stages and organisations 
  • Be part of a fast growing and innovative community of mentors and mentees
  • Broaden your personal understanding of key themes, such as inclusion and diversity and how to build a diverse team
  • Receive dedicated training on how to be an effective mentor and mentee for further personal development
  • Gain access to interactive networking events for the mentoring community
  • Join the Mentoring Programme Working Group to help shape and improve the future of this initiative

Applications for mentees for cohort two, beginning February 2023, has now closed.

The Mentoring Programme 2022 is being overseen by the CFA UK Mentoring working group.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact the group directly on