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Volunteer Guidelines


Volunteers and CFA UK staffed office
Clear boundaries are important for staff and volunteers. They enable us to provide a service that meets agreed expectations and makes sure that all members receive the same high standard. Volunteering generates value by expanding the range of activities which the society undertakes and by ensuring that decisions relating to the society’s activities are well informed. We realise that volunteers give their time and effort to the society for free, so we are careful to ensure that volunteer roles are not subordinate to the staffed office.  If you would like to discuss your role in more detail, speak to your CFA UK staffed office representative. 

Leaving the volunteer community
People decide to end their volunteer experience for a number of reasons including changing jobs, moving overseas, family responsibilities or looking for a new challenge. If you decide it’s time to end your current volunteering role with us, please discuss this with our Member Engagement Team. We’ll ask you for feedback on your volunteering experience so we can continue to improve our volunteering. We look forward to welcoming you back when your circumstances allow.

CFA UK will reimburse volunteers’ reasonable out-of-pocket expenses in relation to their volunteering – you’ll just be asked to complete a simple online expenses form. 
We do not normally reimburse travel expenses for attending committee or working group meetings, unless this has been agreed in advance with the staffed office.
Please note that we’ll only reimburse the amount that you have spent as a result of your volunteering, up to agreed maximum levels.


At CFA UK we actively encourage and value constructive feedback in order to improve the work we do and to improve the volunteer experience. As a volunteer you will be invited to participate in our annual volunteer satisfaction survey (usually in December) and you will also be invited to discuss your experience with the volunteer leader responsible for your group at least once per year. Guidelines and a framework for annual feedback will be provided by your staffed office representative.

Although making a complaint may seem difficult, it gives us a positive opportunity to improve the way we do things and provide a better service for our members and volunteers. We have a centralised complaints procedure to make sure we capture all feedback and respond in a timely manner. If you receive a complaint or adverse feedback from someone about any aspect of CFA UK’s work, or if you wish to put forward a complaint or provide feedback yourself, please speak to your CFA UK staffed office representative, or a member of our Member Engagement Team. 

Changes in circumstances
Sometimes your professional or personal circumstances may affect the time you are able to give, or you may simply be ready for a new challenge. We understand that you may need to change the way you volunteer from time to time, and we aim to provide a choice of ways you can contribute.  Speak to our Member Engagement Team for more information on the wide range of volunteering opportunities we offer.

Data Protection

Data protection
Before we can collect, store or use data about anyone, the law requires us to make sure we have their consent to do so. We do this by asking you to sign Data Protection Statements that comply with the Data Protection Act.  In carrying out CFA UK activities, you may have access to professional and personal information about service users, supporters and other volunteers. If you are handling personal data, then it is vital that you are aware of our data protection and confidentiality policies. Your CFA UK staffed office representative will provide you with more information about these as they relate to your area of involvement.

We ask that volunteers maintain confidentiality. For this reason, when you complete an application form for a volunteer role, you will also be asked to sign a confidentiality declaration. It means that you understand and agree that any confidential information you have access to about people we support, volunteers, CFA UK staff or our work is kept private, unless sharing this information is required by law.

Volunteer Policies

Conflict of interest
You should seek guidance if you think an activity you are involved with, or wish to be involved in, might be classed as a conflict of interest. If in doubt, speak to your CFA UK staffed office representative. 

CFA UK is committed to promoting equal opportunities and treats all volunteers fairly irrespective of their sex, race, disability, age, religion, beliefs, or sexual orientation.
CFA UK is also committed to promoting equality of opportunity and gender diversity across the profession. We encourage our volunteers to join the CFA UK gender diversity network and support diversity in the workplace. To find out more about our extensive diversity programme, visit our Gender Diversity Network page or speak to your CFA UK staffed office representative. 

Harassment is ‘unwanted behaviour that is both unwelcome and unpleasant’ and it can take many forms. CFA UK is committed to providing an environment that is free from abuse, embarrassment, intimidation, threats, discrimination or harassment. Harassment will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Volunteers and staff have the right to be treated with dignity and respect and everyone has the responsibility to ensure that this happens. Any complaints of harassment will be dealt with promptly, seriously and confidentially.  For more information about our policy on harassment please speak to your CFA UK staffed office representative. 

CFA UK has employer’s liability insurance, which provides insurance against liability for injury experienced by volunteers or staff, as a direct result of their involvement with CFA UK activities. As a registered volunteer you’re also covered by our public liability insurance when carrying out your volunteer activities on our behalf. This covers our legal liability to pay compensation for injuries or illness to a third party or damage to the property of third parties, which are due to CFA UK’s negligence at events. 

Media relations
CFA UK’s media profile is vital to the society’s efforts in building a better investment profession.  For this reason, only the CFA UK chief executive and chairman are authorised to speak with the press on behalf of the society. Unless officially authorised to do so, no person volunteering for the organisation should approach or respond to a representative of the media in any way.  If in doubt, please speak to your CFA UK staffed office representative.
CFA UK supports volunteers encouraging members of the profession, and other stakeholders, to engage with the society’s activities via social media in line with our Social Media Guidelines, as updated from time to time. Please speak to our Member Engagement Team if this is an activity/area in which you would like to be actively involved.

Area of focus for 2017/18

EDUCATION Education is the foundation of professional competence. We develop future and current investment professionals through supporting the IMC.
ETHICS & PROFESSIONALISM Setting the highest ethical standards and advocating for professional excellence are activities that ultimately benefit society by improving both investor protections and investor outcomes.
ENGAGEMENT Explaining the role and value of the investment profession is in members' interests and in clients' interests. CFA UK works with CFA Institute to develop and represent views on regulatory and policy issues and engages with the media, other professional bodies and representative bodies to make those views known.