Roles and responsibilities

It's important that both volunteers and CFA UK staff create a positive and collaborative working environment. This means being clear about what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you.

Our commitment

CFA UK will:

  • ensure you have the best quality experience by making sure your role meets CFA UK's Volunteering Quality Standards
  • aim to match your skills and experience to appropriate volunteering roles and activities
  • always treat you with respect, consideration and appreciation
  • provide clear information on activities and role responsibilities so that you can carry out your role to the required standard
  • provide you with appropriate training and resources for your role
  • agree activities to reflect the amount of time you have available
  • deal sensitively with any problems or complaints you might have
  • provide support through informal discussions or regular meetings
  • provide fair, honest and timely feedback regarding any concerns with your performance and/or conduct
  • update you on how your contribution makes a difference
  • demonstrate the CFA UK values in all interactions with you

Your commitment

CFA UK asks you to:

  • be willing to learn about society and the role you play in it
  • uphold and demonstrate our values
  • treat our staff, fellow volunteers and members with respect, consideration and appreciation
  • contribute in an enthusiastic, positive and constructive manner and within agreed timelines
  • join our gender diversity network and demonstrate your support for progressing diversity issues in the workplace
  • promote society membership to non-members and promote volunteering to existing members
  • adhere to legal, data protection and media policies to ensure CFA UK maintains its reputation
  • make sure you understand your role, and the standards of performance and conduct we ask of you
  • bring any support, development or further information requirements to your CFA UK contact's attention
  • provide constructive feedback to help us improve the work that we do
  • tell your CFA UK contact if your circumstances change and affect your ability to volunteer
  • let your CFA contact know if you'll be unavailable for certain dates or wish to step down from your volunteer role