Annual General Meeting


Please note the event for 2021 has now passed.

Supporting documentation for the Annual General Meeting:

For any questions on this year's CFA UK AGM please email:

To support the delivery of online voting at this year’s AGM worked with UK Engage. They are a leading provider of democratic services and will assist in administering a transparent, impartial and trusted online voting process. You will have received an email from with instructions on how to vote. 

For those that could not attend the AGM remotely or in person, the Society arranged online voting to enable you to appoint a proxy and instruct them how you wish them to vote. Voting works by loggin in using the unique security code provided in the email. Proxy voting closed 19 November at 18:00. 

Voting in advance does not prevent you from attending the meeting and voting real time but please note that, in attending the AGM in person or via the video conference, and voting, any previous proxy vote will be cancelled.



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