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Ethics and Professionalism

Make the right decisions

Transparency, integrity and trust are acknowledged to be the core pillars of ethical and professional conduct within the investment industry. We believe that the investment industry should work for the ultimate benefit of society, and this can’t be achieved without maintaining the highest possible standards and ethics.

Our practitioner developed resources will help you make practical judgments and navigate ambiguous ethical situations in your everyday roles to ensure that the Code of Ethics and Professional Standards remain at the heart of your decision-making.



Behavioural economics and the next generation in finance

Learn how the study of behavioural ethics offers an innovative approach to why investment decisions are made, and how it can help to improve your own.



Why good people do bad things

Anita Raghavan explains how one of the most high-profile insider trading cases in Wall Street history shows how even the best investors can make costly mistakes.



Ethics in the real world

How should investment professionals handle themselves ethically within the industry? Consider four case studies to see how to tackle ethics in the real world.