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Politics, Economy and Markets

Economic balance

Investment professionals play an important role in financing the economy through the provision of equity and debt. The relationship between politics, economy and financial markets require an understanding of their intersections and shared data between them.

As the evolution of political-economic drivers continues to bring about change within financial markets, we explore resources focussing on current issues such as macroeconomics, diversification, growing businesses and frameworks to help you better understand the connections and impact that these changes make.



Russell Napier - Chinese reflation and the new world monetary order

Professor Russell Napier, FSIP, Co-Founder, ERIC does a deep dive into the last 30 years of Chinese state finance,



Future State of the Investment Industry: megatrends and the end of cheap money

A panel session considers a CFA Institute study that attempts to unpack what the future of investing looks like – and how you can prepare for it.



Future State of the Investment Industry: diverging worlds and digital transformation

Investing is changing – are you ready? Discover what a deglobalised world and a digital revolution could mean for how you invest in the future.



Future State of the Investment Industry: sustainable finance transformation

Consider the growing demand for sustainable finance, and how investors and asset owners can respond both now and in the coming years.