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Politics, Economy and Markets

Economic balance

Investment professionals play an important role in financing the economy through the provision of equity and debt. The relationship between politics, economy and financial markets require an understanding of their intersections and shared data between them.

As the evolution of political-economic drivers continues to bring about change within financial markets, we explore resources focussing on current issues such as macroeconomics, diversification, growing businesses and frameworks to help you better understand the connections and impact that these changes make.



Challenging conventional wisdom: evidence and doctrine around recessions

Challenge your understanding of what indicates economic performance and consider whether other drivers are more important for economic forecasting.



2024 ecopolitical outlook

Helen Thomas, CEO and Founder, BlondeMoney gives you an overview of the upcoming year in politics and what it means for your portfolio.



The Bank of Japan's policy shift - everything or nothing?

Richard Cookson explains how the Bank of Japan’s policies of low interest rates have failed – and why reversing course might stimluate growth.



Russell Napier - 21 lessons from financial history

Discover the lessons Professor Russell Napier, FSIP, Author and Co-Founder of the Investment Research Portal ERIC has learned from over 30 years in finance.