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Research Analysis

Harnessing your analysis skills

Within the investment industry, research analysis forms the basis of both credit and equity analysis roles. Collecting data about investable companies, analysing the material, and building earnings models to conduct valuations is essential in making recommendations to portfolio managers and/or clients through evaluation reports and presentations. 

Here we look at how you can optimise your analytical skills by looking at analysing bonds and risk, as well as assessing how investment performance or management performance can deliver results.



The money illusion

Stephen Clapham, Founder, Behind the Balance Sheet explains how to make real returns on your investments without letting inflation inflate the numbers.



Inflation and the stock-bond correlation

Discover what market forces are driving yields and prices in stocks and bonds today, and what it means for the stock-bond correlation in the future.



300 years of Bank of England profits

Take a unique opportunity to see the historical profits of the Bank of England, and what they say about its changing role over time.



Detecting repeatable performance

Campbell Harvey addresses one of the biggest illusions in investing – repeatable performance, and how to find it when it happens.

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