Research Analysis theme

Research Analysis

Harnessing your analysis skills

Within the investment industry, research analysis forms the basis of both credit and equity analysis roles. Collecting data about investable companies, analysing the material, and building earnings models to conduct valuations is essential in making recommendations to portfolio managers and/or clients through evaluation reports and presentations. 

Here we look at how you can optimise your analytical skills by looking at analysing bonds and risk, as well as assessing how investment performance or management performance can deliver results.



The portfolio selection problem

Discover how advanced statistics can help in fund management, and the best strategies to make the best decisions.



Dunbar's number

Robin Dunbar introduces you to Dunbar’s number, a figure that can explain how humans behave in life – and in investing.



Valuing Young Companies

Aswath Damodaran outlines why technology and data are hindering valuations and teaches how you can value young companies with a story.



How to make the world add up

Tim Harford brings his knowledge of statistics from books and radio to tell you how to make sense of the data we are surrounded by.

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