CFA UK celebrates 25 years of the IMC qualification

Wednesday 10 July 2019

Since launching in 1994, the IMC has become the benchmark entry-level qualification for the UK investment profession
 Approximately 100,000 candidates have sat the exam to date
Annual sittings of the exam have increased from 375 candidates to 5,000 candidates
Anniversary to be celebrated with updated brand identity for the IMC

This year, the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) – the entry-level qualification for the UK investment profession, developed and awarded by CFA UK – celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Launched on 12 July 1994, the IMC is used by leading investment management firms to demonstrate employee knowledge and competence for regulatory purposes, and by individuals working across all areas of the sector in developing their careers. It has been recognised by regulators as the UK benchmark investment management exam, and is an FCA Appropriate Qualification for the activity of ‘managing investments’. In 2010, it also upgraded to meet RDR requirements and moved from a level 3 qualification to level 4 accordingly.   To date 40,000 candidates have passed the two-part exam and hold the IMC designation, which requires approximately 200 hours of study. The qualification is often used as a first step before completing the CFA Program and has helped many graduates go on to achieve success in the prestigious international qualifications.  Sittings of the exam have soared over the last 25 years. Rising from 375 candidates in the first year, there are now over 5,000 sittings of IMC examinations each year. 

Approximately 25% of candidates take the qualification for regulatory purposes, as the IMC also provides broad coverage of the ESMA criteria for knowledge and competence.

Investment Management Certificate logo

To mark this milestone CFA UK has unveiled a refreshed brand identity for the IMC – designed by Stone Creative Design. This new identity gives the qualification a more contemporary feel and as CFA UK develops out its qualification portfolio – with the introduction of the Certificate in ESG Investing due to be launched this autumn – the innovative design system provides an integrated concept that can evolve. 

CFA UK CEO WIll Goodhart comments "The IMC continues to demonstrate its status as the leading entry-level qualification for the investment sector. Since its launch 25 years ago, it has helped close to 100,000 candidates build the skills and knowledge they need to serve their clients and their employers well. Throughout that time, the quality and reputation of the qualification has been maintained and enhanced by dedicated teams of volunteers, advisers and staff who have ensured that the IMC meets the market and the regulator's needs."

"Personally, I remember well the feeling of pride that I had on learning that I had passed the IMC. I read the books on holiday with my wife shortly before our first child was born. We recently attended her university graduation. I'm grateful for the support that the IMC gave me on my career journey and congratulate all of those, like me, that have benefited from earning the qualification across these past years."


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