3 minute CEO: Andreas Utermann

Friday 5 October 2018


Author: Maha Khan Phillips


Andreas Utermann, ASIP, is chief executive officer and global chief investment officer at Alliance Global Investors. He is also chair of the Global Executive Committee. 

PI: What is the biggest challenge for you, as a chief executive working in the investment business?

Utermann: Communicating a vision and strategy for the firm that a majority of employees find enticing and motivating. This will help drive the future success of the firm.

PI: How different do you think the investment landscape will look in a decade’s time?

UtermannThe basics have and will remain the same: How can we help protect and enhance clients’ savings and at the same time fulfil our societal obligation to assist in allocating capital efficiently.

PI: What are you most proud of?

UtermannAs a CEO: Positioning AllianzGI as an active investment firm with a culture to match. As a private person: My family

PI: What keeps you up at night?

UtermannThe bad shape western democracy appears to find itself in, with large parts of the electorate alienated from the political processes.

PI: Something we didn’t know about you?

UtermannI blog and post photos (occasionally) on a website for skyscraper aficionados. Under a pseudonym. 

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