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Monday 29 February 2016

There’s no question the role of investment management is an important activity.

Essentially, we provide value by generating returns to owners of capital and to society by finding the best opportunities to allocate capital where it can be used productively, whilst ensuring long-term wealth protection. However, as an industry we simply don’t do a good enough job of explaining what we do or championing the value we provide.

That’s why over the past three months the CFA UK team have been meeting with over 80 key stakeholders across the investment management community that are responsible for approximately £7 trillion.

We discussed:

  • How does the investment profession add value?
  • Can we evidence the value that the profession believes it delivers?
  • What obstacles prevent us from doing a better job of generating or delivering value to clients?
  • What can we do to address these?

Many believe we should do a better job of explaining to clients what we do as well as helping clients understand their needs and then helping them to meet those needs. Still, such reflection already puts the industry on a good footing to manoeuvre change itself rather than see it being imposed upon from the outside.

CFA UK are delighted that this project has been well received and that people are keen to contribute and ensure their voices are heard. So far, in excess of 200 interview hours have been dedicated by investment professionals towards this report – across investment firms, wealth management firms, consulting firms, clients, investment rating agencies and trustees. There has been no shortage of valuable insight. All have been honest and candid. I’ve observed the profession isn’t afraid to take a closer look at itself, be realistic about the challenges the industry face and is showing a willingness to address very real concerns for clients.

We are keen to hear your views too and also if you have any thoughts on how we could evidence the value the profession provides. Perhaps you’ve already done some research you’d like to point us to. Your insights will help lay the foundation for a report as well as our own advocacy work. We will release the report on April 19 and hope to see you at our 4th Annual Professional Conference at the Law Society.

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Your support has been greatly received and will help recognise and build a better investment profession.