Tackling the challenges | CFA UK

Friday 13 May 2016

Our stakeholders have identified a number of challenges that the investment profession faces in enhancing the value that it generates for clients and for society more broadly.

We will now tackle those challenges by working with our membership and other stakeholders to develop practical recommendations that will affect behaviour, processes and competencies. Our initial step is to launch working groups that will focus on:

Who will be in the groups?

Each of the working groups will have six to eight participants. They will be members of CFA UK with five to 15 years’ experience in the investment profession. Members of the society’s Board and Advisory Council will recommend participants and we will also source participants through the society’s Ambassador network.

What will they do?

We expect each group to work together and with others to diagnose the challenges facing the profession in more detail and then to recommend practical steps that can be taken to address those challenges.

Ultimately, we expect each group to generate one or more of the following items:

  • A report examining an issue in-depth and making additional observations and recommendations
  • A recommendation for a new standard or best practice guideline to be adopted by CFA UK and/or CFA Institute and other bodies
  • A recommendation for a new educational or training programme to be developed by CFA UK and/or CFA Institute and other bodies

How will the groups work?

Each group will pick up on one of the areas of challenge identified in our report. The groups will initially identify specific elements within the area of challenge that they feel can be addressed. They will then consider whether or not they should seek to work collaboratively with other organisations and will also consider which stakeholders they should bring into their project(s). Each group may decide to address more than one issue and we would then expect the groups to allocate responsibility for each project to specific members of the group.

When will they report?

Working groups will remain in place through the three-year life of the Value of the Investment Profession project, though working groups that have completed their work will be disbanded and new ones may be set up. We would expect these first four groups to operate for around a year with an initial set of recommendations to be sent to the society’s Board in January 2017.

How will the CFA UK’s membership be involved?

The working groups might seek broader input and feedback from the society’s membership through surveys and roundtable sessions. Members will also be kept informed of progress on the Value of the Investment Profession project through regular emails, meetings at their firms with the society’s staffed office leadership team and through the annual Professionalism conference.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in joining or supporting one of the working groups, we would be pleased to hear from you. Please send a short note explaining the reasons for your interest and providing details of your experience to volunteer@cfauk.org.