The value of the investment profession | CFA UK

Friday 13 May 2016

CFA UK undertook this report to capture our stakeholders’ views of the investment profession’s role, its effectiveness and value. It is intended to open a discussion that will form the basis of our advocacy work over the next few years.

Our members perform an important social function, but it is one that is not well understood. It is also one that is widely criticised. Some of the criticisms directed at the profession are a consequence of our failure to explain ourselves; others are more fundamental and should be addressed. For the purpose of this report, CFA UK met and interviewed key individuals and teams at investment firms, consulting firms, clients and companies. We have also talked to representatives in the other stakeholder universe, such as academics, policy-makers and client representative groups.

This report reflects the aggregated views that we’ve heard. Our intention has been to provide a clear, simple explanation of the value that the profession provides, how that value can be enhanced and the role that professionalism plays.


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