Ethical Leadership Programme

The CFA UK Ethical Leadership Programme provides you with the knowledge and techniques to develop practical ethical decision-making skills and helps implement strategic actions for you and your firm



Ethical leadership is more relevant and critical than ever for building sustainable and resilient investment businesses in these unprecedented times. CFA UK’s Ethical Leadership Programme brings together current and future leaders of the investment profession to explore the complex web of personal morals, corporate responsibility, the profession’s purpose and decision making. 

This programme was designed by leading investment professionals for senior investment executives across the industry. It is an initiative of CFA UK’s Advisory Council with the design led by Richard Dunbar, CFA, ASIP, Joanna Munro, ASIP, and Lucy MacDonald, ASIP, in conjunction with Duke CE.

Each year the content and learning outcomes are evaluated and refined by the Steering Group, currently led by Archie Struthers, ASIP, Global Head of Investment Governance and Oversight at Aberdeen Standard Investments. This insight ensures that content stays relevant in a changing environment and will stimulate debate in complex and competitive circumstances.


Key objectives

  • Develop critical ethical decision-making leadership skills
  • Use case studies to build realistic and challenging scenarios that build greater personal awareness, highlight the real professional challenges and allow participants to scrutinise in-firm cultural practices
  • Participate in a workshop introducing an ethical decision-making framework as a tool for navigating the grey areas of ethical leadership
  • Gain perspectives from other senior leaders and consider the current challenges facing the profession.

Programme summary

The programme recognises values and stakeholder capitalism are at the heart of growing a sustainable and resilient business and will raise awareness of the often-hidden ethical dilemmas within daily operations, challenge behaviours, and establish a new set of skills and practices.

The programme will create a powerful alumni network of ethically skilled and aware leaders to sustain and develop a more resilient profession of the future. As participants explore themes of culture setting, integrity, purpose, diversity & inclusion, conduct, societal responsibility and ethical leadership together, the common understanding which emerges will reinforce the foundation for best practice in ethics across the investment profession.


What is it for?

To consider with other leading investment professionals, how best to lead and influence when things are not black and white – debating the routes through the shades for grey via case studies, role play and group discussion.

To challenge where the investment profession meets its societal obligations and where challenges remain and what investment professionals can do to improve the situation and build a better investment profession.

Leading the investment profession sustainably and ethically

The CFA UK Ethical Leadership Programme is run using Duke Corporate Education’s tried and tested philosophy of ‘learning by doing’, whereby participants can act their way into a new way of thinking and doing. Complex scenarios and case studies are brought to life by actors to assist participants to explore the grey areas of the ethical dilemmas.
The culture of an investment firm is important to its stakeholders, employees, clients and regulators. It also influences a firm’s ability to attract and retain leading investment professionals. The way that a firm addresses ethical issues – how these are identified, understood and managed – is a major cultural indicator and can have a direct impact on the firm’s reputation and bottom line.
This is a unique opportunity for current and future leaders of the investment profession to work together to build ethical competencies and enhance the profession’s capacity to serve its stakeholders and rebuild the public’s trust.