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Develop practical ethical decision-making skills with CFA UK to add value to your professional leadership



CFA UK’s Ethical Leadership Programme brings together current and future leaders of the investment profession to explore the grey areas of often hidden ethical dilemmas that culture setting integrity, professionalism, our industry’s purpose, diversity & inclusion, conduct, our responsibility to society and ethical leadership.

A programme designed for senior influencers from across the investment professionals by investment professionals. Initiated by CFA UK’s Advisory Council including Anne Richards, FSIP, CEO Fidelity International and Andreas Utermann, FSIP, former CEO of Allianz GI and kept current and relevant by steering groups of former participants who passionately care about creating a better investment profession.

Key objectives

  • Use case studies to build realistic and challenging scenarios that build greater personal awareness, highlight the real professional challenges and allow participants to scrutinise in-firm cultural practices
  • Participate in a workshop introducing an ethical decision-making framework as a tool for navigating the grey areas of ethical leadership
  • Gain perspectives from other senior leaders and consider the current challenges facing the profession.

Programme summary

The Ethical leadership programme will help participants understand their individual and collective orthodoxies, challenge their behaviours and establish a new set of skills and practices. The programme will create a powerful alumni network of ethically skilled and aware leaders to sustain and develop the profession into the future. As participants explore themes together the common understanding which emerges will reinforce the foundation for best practice in ethics across the investment profession.


Leading the investment profession sustainably and ethically

The CFA UK Ethical Leadership Programme is run using Duke Corporate Education’s tried and tested philosophy of ‘learning by doing’, whereby participants can act their way into a new way of thinking and doing. Complex scenarios and case studies are brought to life to assist participants to explore the grey areas of the ethical dilemmas.

These scenarios are written and reviewed annually by our steering groups of previous participants and have been designed to work towards rebuilding the public’s trust of the profession. The culture of an investment firm is important to its stakeholders, clients and to the regulators. It also influences a firm’s ability to attract and retain leading investment professionals. The way that a firm addresses ethical issues – how these are identified, understood and managed – is a major cultural indicator and can have a direct impact on the firm’s reputation and bottom line. To engage with your own team and firm on the most relevant ethical dilemmas faced, create some key learnings and take back the group's agreed practical solutions.

This is a unique opportunity for current and future leaders of the investment profession to work together to build ethical competencies, and enhance the profession’s capacity to serve its stakeholders and investment firms.

What is it for?

To consider with other leading investment professionals, how best to lead and influence when things are not black and white – debating the routes through the shades for grey via case studies, role play and group discussion.

To challenge where the investment profession meets its societal obligations and where challenges remain and what investment professionals can do to improve the situation and build a better investment profession.



Who is it for?

  • People who care about their firm’s culture and the investment profession’s reputation
  • Current and futures leaders
  • People with typically over 20 years of experience

Is the Ethical Leadership Programme right for me?

Previous participants of the CFA UK Ethical Leadership programme have held the following roles:

  • Head of Investment Management
  • Head of EMEA Distribution
  • Head of Responsible Investment
  • COO
  • Head of Multi-Assets
  • Group Head of Risk
  • Global Head of ESG
  • Director of Private Clients

Participant criteria

  • Participants should be selected and sponsored by their line manager and empowered by their HR teams to attend this programme, thereby ensuring true impact for their firm and the profession, through the cascading of key learnings back into their firms (with our support)
  • Established senior professionals
  • Up to two participants per investment firm
  • CFA UK membership is not a pre-requisite

Programme details


  • Topical pre-reading
  • Survey

Module 1: Working with ambiguity

  • Immersion into ‘Dangerous Opportunities; case studies and see how small misjudgements can snowball
  • Ethical decision-making workshop
  • Explore themes: culture, political savvy and influencing
  • Fireside Chat discussion on the challenges facing the investment profession with guest speakers from FCA and others
  • Speakers from FCA and other stakeholders

Intercession Project

Back in your firms debate with your team the ethical dilemmas and complex challenges that your firm and others face on a daily basis and bring back your insights for further group discussion

Module 2: Building the Response

  • Putting the profession ‘at court’ exposes issues across the whole investment chain
  • Fireside Chat with guest panel of current leaders from the profession
  • Presentation of the intercession project showcasing the groups insights 
  • 2021 graduation ceremony with concluding networking dinner
  • Dinner with CFA UK’s Advisory Council


  • Sharing key learnings with your peers back in your firms, supported with practical toolkits and training during the programme, to ensure full firm impact via the cascading of ideas
  • Continuing the conversation with the Alumni at a series of CFA UK events
  • Championing the Ethical Leadership Programme including the possibility of shaping the programme into the future by joining the steering group 

Educational training ethos

  • Learn by doing with full engagement throughout the programme
  • Bringing together a diverse group of senior professionals from across the investment chain with a variety of roles and experiences encouraging stimulating debates
  • Designed for leaders of the future, who care about improving and implementing ethical principles and setting and influencing the culture of investment firms and the profession.

Alumni Network

Participants will benefit from access to online and live alumni resources

  • Access advice from CFA UK and Duke CE experts relating to ethical leadership
  • Invitations to CFA UK events related to ethical leadership
  • LinkedIn group for ethical leadership alumni

The alumni network benefits firms and the profession as heightened ethical awareness expediates and facilitates cultural development.

Alumni testimonials

‘Makes you think very hard about complex issues’ - Eoin Murray, Head of the Investment Office, Hermes

‘Not ethics, not leadership, but an ETHICAL LEADERSHIP course’ - Amanda Young, Head of Responsible Investment, Aberdeen Standard

‘It’s about setting the agenda and leading by example’ - Alex Scholdefeldt, CFA, Head of Alternative Assets, BA Pensions

Previous participants

2016: Alex Schoenfeldt, CFA, Alexandra Haggard, CFA, Anthony Scott, FCSI, Cameron Gray, Christoph Englisch, Eoin Murray, Gina Stocks, Jenny Williams, Julien Mayen, Rosie Brydon, Simon Gergel, ASIP, Stephen Snaith, CFA, Yaz Romahi

2017: Amanda Young, Andrew Neville, CFA, Bill Street, Daniel Riches, David Frank, CFA, Lesley-Ann Morgan, Michael Bennett, Paul Voute, Rob Curtis, Rod MacRae, Rupert Krefting, Sandip Kabaria, Toby King, Tom Wilson, CFA

2018: Antonia Bothner, Chris Shale, David Todd, Euan Stirling, Jane Wadia, Jenny Rodgers, CFA, Mark Wade, Michael Stiasny, CFA, Paul Grainger, CFA, Paul Schofield, Robert Horsnall, Sasha Miller, CFA, Tony Tan, CFA

2019: Marty Dropkin, CFA, Claire Bews, Shelley Leaney, FCSI, Nicholette MacDonald-Brown, CFA, Archie Struthers, ASIP, Alex Hoctor-Duncan, Isabel Emo Capodilista, Garth Taljard, CFA, Tony Brown (top row), Cathrine De Coninck-Lopez, Jonathan White, Jo Wheatley, Maria Abbonizio, CFA, Steve Yeats, CFA 


Featured guest speakers

  • 2019: Euan Munro, CEO, Aviva Investors
  • 2019: Sarah Melvin, Head of the UK business, Blackrock
  • 2019: Chris Sier, Chair, ClearGlass
  • 2019: Catherine Howarth, Chief Executive, Share Action
  • 2018 & 2019: Susanne Gahler, Deputy Head, Investment Management Supervision, FCA

Programme provider credentials

CFA UK: Not-for-profit association of investment professionals, FCA accredited body and Ofqual awarding body for the IMC qualification. Largest global CFA member society, with over 12,000 members.

Duke CE: Global leader in customised executive education, ranked #1 by the Financial Times (12th May 2014) for the 12th consecutive year. Lead orchestrator: Nick Holley, Owner NHA Ltd, Director of CRF Learning and Executive Fellow of Henley Business School

Supporting firms

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