Picture of CFA UK Ethical Leadership Programme


Programme details 

Enhanced value

  • Significant price reduction from the previous programme £6,900 to £3,950 early bird
  • Reduced time out of the office, now only 3 days (2 + 1 day) 
  • Focused on the most impactful and highly rated sessions 
  • Also includes a toolkit for a post programme in-firm workshop to support cascading of the key learnings
  • CFA UK is not for profit and has supported this programme over the previous years in line with their mission “To Build a Better Investment Profession” and due to the incredibly positive alumni feedback

Module 1: Working with ambiguity

  • Immersion into ‘Dangerous Opportunities; case studies and see how small misjudgements can snowball
  • Ethical decision-making workshop
  • Putting the profession on trial 'At Court' exposes issues across the whole investment chain 
  • Explore themes: culture, political savvy and influencing
  • Fireside Chat discussion on the challenges facing the investment profession with guest speakers from FCA and others

Intercession Project

Back in your firms, debate the ethical dilemmas presented in the case studies, and what complex challenges your firm faces on a daily basis.

Module 2: Building the Response

  • Presentation of the intersession project and debating the appropriate responses to the challenges raised
  • Training to support the cascading of key learnings back into firms
  • A “Fireside Chat” with a guest panel of current leaders from the investment profession 
  • 2021 graduation ceremony


  • Supported cascading of key learnings workshop back in firms
  • Continuing the conversation with Alumni at CFA UK events
  • Graduates to champion the programme including forming the steering group for the 2022 Ethical Leadership Programme