Ethics in the Real World

Ethics in the Real World

Our new series of case studies are aimed at investment professionals and provide examples of ethical issues, and include discussion points on how to deal with them

Ethical conundrums are easy to resolve when they are black and white. As investment professionals are aware however, the most challenging ethical considerations we might come across in our careers are those that operate in the grey, the ones that have no obvious answers.

CFA UK’s Ethics Steering Committee present a new series of bi-monthly Ethics Case Studies, to discuss some of those shades of grey. The case studies look at possible real world ethical scenarios with no ‘correct’ answer. They are followed by discussion points, and we invite you to provide us with your own feedback with your thoughts and comments - remaining anonymous if you so choose.

Watch CFA UK’s Ethics Steering Committee Introduce the new Ethics Case Study Series


Meaningful debate

We hope to engage in a meaningful debate on some of the issues raised. Every second month we will be discuss the previous month’s case study and explore the issues raised by our readership. Please join us in our mission to raise ethical standards in the investment profession.


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