Investment Management theme

Investment Management

Meeting clients’ needs

The investment profession delivers value by helping clients identify their needs and then allocating capital across the economy by investing in new capital and pricing existing capital.  With such a wide range of investment opportunities, delivering returns, managing risk and maintaining stewardship whilst adhering to policy and regulation is a daily balancing act.

Keep up to date with investment management challenges and opportunities in a competitive environment to ensure efficient capital allocation to meet the financial needs of all stakeholders.



Multi-asset investing in 2024: comeback or reset?

Examine current correlations between asset classes, the risk implications of these, and various scenarios for inflation to help you figure out what to do.



Use and abuse of IRRs

Find out what IRR’s don’t tell you about the timing of your investments, and the best way to evaluate the timing of every decision.



Balance sheet risk

Andrew Lapthorne, Global Head of Quantitative Research Societe Generale explains what balance sheet risk is, why it matters, and what you can do about it.



Selecting fixed income strategies - a practitioner's perspective

Explore the crucial qualities fixed income managers need to succeed in both their careers and their investment strategies.