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Investment Management

Meeting clients’ needs

The investment profession delivers value by helping clients identify their needs and then allocating capital across the economy by investing in new capital and pricing existing capital.  With such a wide range of investment opportunities, delivering returns, managing risk and maintaining stewardship whilst adhering to policy and regulation is a daily balancing act.

Keep up to date with investment management challenges and opportunities in a competitive environment to ensure efficient capital allocation to meet the financial needs of all stakeholders.



The Challenges of LDI

Three professional LDI investors consider the challenges facing this part of the industry, and how to tackle them with smarter strategies.



The Role of Patents and IP Valuation in a Data-Driven Investment Process

Andreas Zagos speaks about his experience in patent valuation, using alternative data to find the true market value of intangible assets.



Do stocks outperform treasury bills?

Hendrik Bessembinder has researched nearly 100 years of stock returns – now, he challenges what you think you know about investment performance.



Deception and truth analysis

Jason Voss, CFA explains the value of deception detection and truth analysis, and how you can apply these techniques in practice.