Investment Management theme

Investment Management

Meeting clients’ needs

The investment profession delivers value by helping clients identify their needs and then allocating capital across the economy by investing in new capital and pricing existing capital.  With such a wide range of investment opportunities, delivering returns, managing risk and maintaining stewardship whilst adhering to policy and regulation is a daily balancing act.

Keep up to date with investment management challenges and opportunities in a competitive environment to ensure efficient capital allocation to meet the financial needs of all stakeholders.



Using risk statistics to explain your investment performance

Risk is the enemy of performance – right? Define how you can use risk measurement to more accurately measure your performance against the benchmark.



A golden era for private credit

Have private credit investors ever had it so good? Login to learn what is making this asset class more attractive, and how to take advantage.



Guy Spier - The boundaries of ethical value investing

Guy Spier, Author and Investor, uses the example of the coal industry to explore why he is moving further towards ethical value investing. Auto-tracked CPD available to members.



Robust outperformance with equal-weighted portfolios

As indices become more concentrated, consider why creating an equally weighted portfolio can deliver more consistent outperformance.