Certificate in Climate and Investing (CCI)

CFA UK Level 4 Certificate in Climate and Investing

Recognising the growing importance of understanding climate change considerations into investment decision making


Certificate in Climate and Investing (Edition 2)

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Grow your climate career

Build your climate knowledge and skills, and understand the systemic impact of climate change on society, the economy and your business.

What is the certificate in Climate and Investing?


The CFA UK Certificate in Climate and Investing is a Level 4 qualification which delivers the knowledge and skills required by investment professionals to understand climate as it relates to investing and how to integrate climate change considerations into the investment process. The first qualification in the UK designed specifically by investment practitioners for investment practitioners.


Why should I take the Certificate in Climate and Investing?

We have developed a qualification for practitioners working in investment roles who need to understand and undertake climate analysis in their day-to-day roles, including those working in the following areas:


  • Portfolio / Fund management
  • Research / investment analysis
  • Sales & distribution
  • Product development
  • Financial advice
  • Consulting
  • Risk 
  • Compliance
  • Accountancy
  • Pensions


"The Certificate in Climate & Investing helped me to get a comprehensive snapshot of an ever evolving climate investing landscape. The tools, resources and methodologies outlined in the course have built my fundamental understanding on how climate is being integrated by the industry."
Aoife O'Donnell, 2022


How is the Certificate in Climate and Investing different to the Certificate in ESG Investing?

The Certificate in ESG Investing offers a broad foundational framework to incorporate ESG factors into investment decision making. The Certificate in Climate and Investing, however, has a dedicated focus on climate-specific considerations. This includes recognising the socio-economic implications of climate change and the systemic risk that climate change presents to the stability of the financial system. As well as exploring the role capital markets are expected to play in allocating capital towards the transition to a low carbon economy, the CCI syllabus also covers policy, regulation and tools specific to measuring climate-related impacts on investments across a broad range of asset classes.


Entry criteria

There are no formal entry criteria for this qualification, but it is strongly recommended that candidates have a solid grounding in the investment process achieved via formal qualification or experience.


CFA UK Level 4 Certificate in Climate and Investing Overview

Qualification title

CFA UK Level 4 Certificate in Climate and Investing

Exam registration and online learning materials


Exam registration and online learning materials from 1st September 2023



Syllabus Version 2
From 01/04/23 to 30/06/24

Number of questions


Time allowed for exam

2 hours and 20 minutes

Total qualification time

Version 2: 142 hours

Pass mark

Between 60 and 70%

Pass rate

Between 60 and 75%


Training providers

A number of training providers offer tuition and study support on the Certificate in Climate and Investing and are known to CFA UK. These are listed below.

Please note that CFA UK does not currently operate a formal endorsement process.



What do I do next?

You can register for the new Climate and Investing qualification  today. If you are interested in finding out more information please register your interest.