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ESG: a portfolio of perspectives

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Driving our commitment to supporting professional development and continuing to raise industry standards CFA UK has developed our new Certificate in ESG Investing. The first qualification of its kind the UK - created by practitioners for practitioners – it  focuses on delivering applications to integrating ESG factors in a practical way.

Industry leaders and professionals share their unique insights into the latest developments in ESG Investing.

  • Explore the deeper conversations and thoughts through our thought leadership articles.
  • Find out how you can get your voice heard and get involved in the debate too.

ESG Investing: putting theory into practice

Discover the story behind our new Certificate in ESG Investing in Will Goodhart’s CEO blog.

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ESG Voices

ESG Voices

 Podcasts highlighting  ESG insight from leading voices in the investment industry. 


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ESG Thoughts

ESG Thoughts

Thought-provoking articles written by industry leaders looking at the evolution of ESG investing. 


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ESG conference

ESG Conference assets

View content from the 2019 CFA UK ESG investing - the practical realities conference.
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From discovering how you can break the glass ceiling to bringing socio-economic diversity to the investment industry, find articles, videos and podcasts about how to build a better investment profession.