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Asset management: Rise of the machines

Fintech Interactive Forum 2019

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Fintech is not a new phenomenon or trend. It previously brought us banking cards, automatic tellers and internet banking. All things we take for granted today. 

It is the pace of development that makes Fintech so exciting. We know that the way financial institutions interact with their customers will change to a degree that will make today’s practice hardly recognisable. The engine of this transformation is machine learning. 

Through algorithms and AI, machines will execute highly complex tasks that we are incapable of processing. Every day we are offered utopia and dystopic scenarios, from the infinite possibilities of computer power and eradication of human error to machines taking over the most-sophisticated jobs. But where is the truth?

Find out if the current applications of the new technologies are being used successfully in the investment profession. Does it enhance performance? What, if any, are the ethical implications? Is it human vs machine, or human and machine?

Discover what the future for the investment profession holds, what skills will you need to acquire and how to remain relevant as financial technologies develop. 

Find out the answers to these questions and more at our 2019 Fintech Interactive Forum, Asset Management: Rise of the Machines