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Asset management: Rise of the machines

Fintech Interactive Forum 2019

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Fintech is not a new phenomenon or trend. It previously brought us banking cards, automatic tellers and internet banking. All things we take for granted today. 

It is the pace of development that makes Fintech so exciting. We know that the way financial institutions interact with their customers will change to a degree that will make today’s practice hardly recognisable. The engine of this transformation is machine learning. 

Through algorithms and AI, machines will execute highly complex tasks that we are incapable of processing. Every day we are offered utopia and dystopic scenarios, from the infinite possibilities of computer power and eradication of human error to machines taking over the most-sophisticated jobs. But where is the truth?

Find out if the current applications of the new technologies are being used successfully in the investment profession. Does it enhance performance? Is it human vs machine, or human and machine?

Discover what the future for the investment profession holds, what skills will you need to acquire and how to remain relevant as financial technologies develop. 

Find out the answers to these questions and more at our 2019 Fintech Interactive Forum, Asset Management: Rise of the Machines



10:00 Registration & refreshments
10:25 Welcome address, Helen Thomas, CFA, CEO, BlondeMoney
10:30 Artificial intelligence and its potential impact on the CFA Institute code of ethics and standards of professional conduct - Corey Cook, CFA, Member of the CFA Institute Standards of Practice Council
10:35 Plenary session - Key AI Technology and Business Trends in Financial Services in 2019 - Geoff Kates, CEO, HTF (HardToFind) Group  
11:25 Choice of discussions
Session 1 - Machine Learning vs Economics - Mikey Shulman, Head of Machine Learning, Kensho
Session 2 - Factors, Smart Beta and AI - Nick Millington, Co-head Quantitative Equities, Aberdeen Standard investments
Short sessions:  
TBC - Clare Flynn-Levy, Founder & CEO, Essentia Analytics
Using data to help achieve best execution - Pete Egglestone, Co-Founder, Director, BestX
Giving time back through intelligent process automation - Lucas Wurfbain, Founder, FeedStock
12:15 Choice of discussions
Session 1 - AI/ML applications in digital channels  - Reginald Warlop, Global Head of Digital – Wealth & Insurance, Retail Banking & Wealth Management, HSBC
Session 2 - A new way of communicating with financial consumers - Vinay Jayaram, CEO and co-founder, Envizage 
Short sessions:
Harnessing AI to unlock ESG Insights from Big Data - Anne Reaney, European Head of Sales, Truvalue Labs
Edward Challis, Co-founder & CEO at re:infer
Matt Storey, Managing Director of Client Integration and Support, Steeleye
13:00 Lunch
13:45 Plenary session - Arabesque AI - Yasin Rosowsky, Head of AI Research, Arabesque 
14:35 Choice of discussions
Session 1 - Digital assets and the future of markets - Swen Werner, Managing Director, State Street 
Session 2 - Making Blockchain Real: Charting a Course to Generating Business Value in Asset Management - Tim Grant, Founder and CEO, DrumG Technologies
Session 3 - The Technology Revolution in Private Assets - Paul Lacey, Product Manager, Delio and James Davies, Lead Technical Architect, Delio
15:20 Afternoon break
15:40 Plenary session - Your newest team member: How AI will grow your career - Julie Chakraverty, CEO, Rungway, Non Executive Director, Santander UK
16:25 Artist’s day summary
16:35 Chair’s final remarks
16:45 Networking reception