The Best of 2021

The Best of 2021

Watch, read and listen to inspirational content from across the past year

Climate change, neurodiversity, presentation skills and mistakes to look out for are among the most popular topics for CFA UK members in recent months. The following are the most popular articles, videos and podcasts of 2021 – created and curated by CFA UK members. We hope that they are inspiring and instructive to deepen your understanding of core industry topics.


Is Neurodiversity the next paradigm shift?

Thinking and seeing the world differently can be a super-power, but also disadvantageous, with only 16% of autistic individuals in full-time paid employment. Hear from experts Marilyn Swinney, CFA, Managing Director at Principal Global Investors and Alicja Nocon, Neurodiversity Consultant.



Radha KuppalliForestry as a climate solution asset class

Rapid and deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are required in the coming decade to avoid catastrophic impacts. There is no credible pathway to net zero without an investment transformation in forestry and land use, says Radha Kuppalli, Managing Director, Impact & Advocacy, at New Forest. 



Shola KayeValuing young companies

Log in to watch Aswath Damodaran, Professor of Finance, Stern School of Business at New York University discuss  tools that can be used to get a handle on uncertainty and deal with it better in valuation, especially in the context of valuing young companies. 


Martyn Barmby

Bring excitement to presentations

Log in to watch Martyn Barmby, Communications Coach explain how to use storytelling techniques to make your presentation come to life. Whether you are trying to pitch to a client or make complex concepts, storytelling techniques will help you make your audience sit up. 



ESG Investing

7 mistakes every investor makes

Every investor makes mistakes, private or professional, amateur or experienced, there is no exception. Whether or not they want to admit it, many investors have committed the same errors. Log in to watch this webinar where Joachim Klement, CFA, Investment Strategist, gives an overview on  how you can avoid these mistakes.




Climate Change: an investment perspective 

Listen to our Climate Change podcast with Thomas Streater, CFA  speaking with John Teahan, Value Investment Portfolio Manager at RWC Partners about climate change, value investing and why 2020 was a boom year for ESG. 




Rachel Green

Inspiring the next generation

Lindsey Stewart, CFA from the Inclusion and Diversity Network speaks with Rachel Green, Founder of the Skills Workshop about what finance professionals can collectively do to empower young people to kick start their investment careers. 



Shola Kaye

Communicating under pressure

When you’re in the spotlight and under pressure to get your point across, do you nail it or appear anxious? Log in to learn how to organise your thoughts and speak up in a confident way with Shola Kaye, Communication Consultant. 



Ben Ashby

Meeting an immutable object

Ben Ashby from the Future of Money Working Group looks at whether ESG considerations will turn Bitcoin into a digital 'stranded asset' or monetary MySpace - will first gen crypto displace conventional money?




Justin Thomas

Financial modelling best practice

Log in to watch Justin Thomas, CFA, Head of Public Courses at AMT Training highlight the importance of standardising model inputs and assumptions. Learn the best practices to model design and the top and tail of model structures. 


Alexander Denvev

Understand machine learning limitations

Alexander Denev, AI Lead at Deloitte and Saeed Amen, Founder of Cuemacro analyse the limitations of Machine Learning, from it's reliance on historical datasets to the narrow set of variables it often uses.




Tim Harford

How to make the world add up

Log in to watch Tim Harford, Senior Columnist at the FT, discuss disinformation, obfuscation, bad research, misplaced motivation and why communicating with numbers is worthwhile.