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#WhatIKnowIs campaign urges change to the under-representation issue in the investment profession

According to recent data from the Investment Association, less than 1% of investment managers are Black. To help raise awareness of this under-representation in the industry the  CFA UK Black Professionals Working Group  have launched a new social media campaign #WHATIKNOWIS.

One of the main reasons for under-representation is the lack of knowledge and information about joining our profession and the opportunities that it can deliverThe #WHATIKNOWIS campaign seeks to deliver bite-sized pieces of advice from positive industry role models to raise awareness and demonstrate mentorship. 

Over the next few weeks you can hear from a  range of respected voices  within the industry who will share their own experiences and pass on advice to those just starting out or considering a career in investment management.

We realise that younger people thinking of entering or just starting out in their careers in investment management can greatly benefit from guidance. These campaign snippets of advice will cover areas including career progression, personal finance, professional development and investing.



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  • Please join in and submit your videos  to marketing@cfauk.org showing your allyship and share your advice or perspective to keep the conversation going

If you would like to get more involved with the CFA UK Black Professionals Working Group as they explore the issues faced by the black community and to look at ways to influence positive change, please sign up for the  CFA UK Black Professionals Network  and be the first to find out about upcoming events and initiatives.